Monday, December 14, 2009

DIY: Save The Date Post Cards

Dear Online Diary,

Since H2B and I wanted our wedding details to be more personalized, I’ve been trying to design our Save The Date (STD) cards using

Due to popularity of scrap booking, was developed to give online users the chance to design their scrap book without heading to a bookstore or craft store. It allows users to download a copy of their pictures and book it online before they can have it printed for a minimum fee.

Not only does helps users to document important events and compile pretty snap shots, it helps us, B2Bs, in designing our wedding invites, STDs, Will You Be cards and a whole lot more. In fact, I was able to design our STD using the online software. Here’s our STD using

{STD #1: featuring my engagement ring}

{STD #2: direct to the point}

The site doesn’t need you to be all out artsy, all it takes is a dash of creativity and inspiration. Go to to start your own project now. =)

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  1. sis eyzel i like the first one ksi mas na emphasize ung details ng wedding dahil di masayadong "crowded", siguro mas maganda kung medyo i resize nyo ung pics or kung nakapag prenup kyo un na lng ung ilagay nyo.

    u can also emphasize the white fonts para mas ok. happy preps and God bless =)

  2. Hi Sis. I like the first one. mejo mas linawan mo na lng siguro yung "as they begin their journey to forever" kasi baka hndi masyado makita sa printing. :-)

  3. Sis Eyzel I prefer the 1st one. I agree with Sis Diana d masyadong crowded tignan yung first one.

    Happy preps!

  4. Hi Sis Eyzel,

    I prefer po ung 1st STD mo.. mas gusto ko ung pics saka ung e-ring.. Bibihira kasi gumawa ng ganon at unique cya para sa akin..

    agree ako sa mga sisses natin.. mwah :)

  5. hi sis! i vote for the 1st std :)very nice na naka-incorporate yung e-ring and ang sweet nun first line, very catchy pa :)

  6. hi sis! my vote goes to the 2nd one.
    for me kse, one glance pa lang kita agad na save the date sya..unlike yung first design na parang hahanapin ko pa.
    but both designs are very creative..galing mo sis.
    well, i wish i'm as creative as you.
    anyway, pang-6th na comment ko sa i guess no free STD na for me :-)
    but ok lang, i enjoyed reading your blog.
    happy preps sis and God bless!

    17.02.2000/Phil.Embassy in Riyadh/LaiLai
    13.04.2010/Oasis Manila

  7. I like the first one better. No too crowded and i like the pictures that you used. :)

    tin and marvin
    paco park?san agustin?/??

  8. Nice idea! Where can I make one for me?



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