Saturday, February 13, 2010

Food Tasting with Ma Del’s Cuisine

Dear Online Diary,

A little background:

It takes forever before we could find the “it” caterer. Gosh, I can’t believe that it’s more or less seven months to go but we have yet to find the caterer that would help us feed our guests. :)

I’ve made several calls and email messages to some of the qualified caterers for several months now. Of all the caterers I’ve talked to, Miss Anj of Ma Del’s is the sweetest. She would answer my inquiries be it through text, email or through their multiply site.

I found out about their services through the raves of fellow W@Wies who got their services. They raved about their food, their personalized set-up and hands-on approach not to mention, they have affordable packages that fit our budget perfectly.

After several exchange of messages and a phone call, we set up the date for food tasting. Easy, right? No pretensions or excuses.

I decided to bring Mama Betty and Ninang (to-be) Fely with me as they have more experienced taste palette than anyone else I know. So off we went to the meeting place. Miss Anj was talking to another client when we arrived but she let us taste the food samples so we won’t get bored… and then our eyes sparked!

{Food samples: Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy, Chicken Flambe, Pork Gallantina with Egg Dressing, Fettuccine Italiana and Buco Pandan Jello... Note: This picture was taken after we "attacked" the samples.}

When she talked to us about their company, that’s when I knew that she’s the daughter of the owner. Her mom cooks the food, which explains the home-made style. As much as possible, they only accept one wedding a day as she personally has to be there on the event to oversee the reception service and set-up. She’s the one who styles the venue according to what was agreed upon.

{Smile for the camera: Miss Anj and yours truly. I think my smile gave away my happiness.}

In summary, these are the things that I like about the whole experience:
- They serve delicious food.
- They got awesome packages, all of which are customizable.
- Miss Anj is easy to deal with. She’s super sweet. She made a great rapport with us, especially with Mama.
- We can personalize the venue set-up according to our motif and theme.
- She’ll visit the venue to come up with a floor plan. A caterer and an event stylist in one (yey!).
- Amendable to all my wishes, including another sofa set for the couple.
- Lots of freebies including a Chocolate fountain (promo only but we are eligible. yey!).
- They offer discounts to W@W tag holder (another yey!).

What’s keeping us from booking them? H2B wants to meet with Miss Anj. If everything went well, the deal is done (cross-fingers). I will definitely keep you posted. :)

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  1. thanks for sharing. i will check them out.

  2. Hi sis! Can i get their contact info pls. Thank you. Happy preps!

  3. hi nelly,

    sorry for the late reply. here's their website:

  4. Hi! nice blog! What is a w@w tag holder? Does that mean being a member of w@w?

  5. ^ Hi there. W@W tag entitles the holder to avail discounts from participating suppliers. no, it's not a basis of being a W@Wie. you can go to to get more info about W@W and the W@W tag. W@Wies are brides (like me) who shares their experiences about wedding suppliers and their preps.

  6. Love the food! You’re amazing. This menu is fantastic, It sure will help everyone who’s looking for a perfect menu like this. Thank you for sharing this recipe.




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