Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bridal Fair Escapade: Wedding Expo Philippines 16th Ed.

Dear Online Diary,

H2B and I attended the recently concluded Wedding Expo Philippines held at the PICC Forum. It was not as eventful as it was last year. Nevertheless, we enjoyed talking to some of the suppliers and gazed in awe to things, services and products that they offer.

{Environment-friendly bag from Themes & Motifs, wedding suppliers directory, Wedding Expo original audio cd soundtrack, entrance tickets for another bridal fair in April, and our name tags}

One of the drawbacks of this bridal fair is the fact that they do not allow taking of pictures inside the fair (it has something to do with intellectual rights). Too bad, most of the supplier’s booths are elegant and creative. Jason Magbanua’s booth is an epitome of a sari-sari store with a 32 inch LCD TV. It was very simple yet unique. It caught our attention when we passed by the photographer’s aisle. :)

We were looking for cake and invites suppliers but nope, we did not feel the “this-is-it” moment. We decided to go over the rest of the suppliers and we’re glad we did because we found a couple of impressive items and services. Here they are:

{Bride and Groom place card holder, Red Heart Key Holder, and trial photo from Poof photobooth}

The Bride and Groom place card holders are from Fun Wedding Souvenir Shop, which is an online shop for unique wedding favors imported from US and Hongkong. On the other hand, the little red heart key holder is from Splendid Specialties. They create one-of-a kind gifts and souvenir items. Fun Wedding Souvenir didn’t want to sell their items but I fell in love with the bride and groom place card holders. For a minute, I thought I wouldn’t be able to get it because the owner won’t sell any of the products (and stressed that it's for display to show to the clients). It was such a lucky break for us since the fair is almost over at that time (it was around 7:00 pm and the fair will close at 8:00 pm) and because I was a bit persistent, they sold it to me. Happiness.

We love the new feature that Poof photobooth offers, which is the ability to use not one but four custom layout designs which the guests can choose from throughout the event. after hearing this, we immediately jumped in front of the photo booth. True enough, the touch screen has four designs we could choose from – colorful nature, vintage red, purple elegance, and crazy black. What a great innovation. :)

All in all, it was a tiring yet happy event. We're actually excited to attend another fair next month (and hoping we could find our cake and invites suppliers). Happy preps! :)

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