Thursday, April 1, 2010

DIY: Nature-Inspired Bearer’s “Pillow”

Dear Online Diary,

As we all know by now, our theme is Nature Photography. To capture the elegance of nature, we will be incorporating our theme with our very own (read: DIY) nature-inspired “pillow” to hold our wedding rings.

{Our Nature-inspired Ring Bearer's Pillow}

It’s a bit messy yet easy and fun to do. You can be as creative as you want. Let’s take a look at the materials and the tools we need for this project:

{the tools}

{Materials: 1. a bag of moss; 2. a 6''x6''x3'' piece of Styrofoam; 3. artificial flowers, leaves and birds; 4. felt paper: 8''x8'' and 25''x2''; 5. round-headed corsage pins; 6. a 12'' ribbon}

I went to the National bookstore to get the Styrofoam, ribbon, felt paper and round-headed pins while the moss is from a local flower shop. The artificial birds, flowers and leaves are free (all of which are part of an old Christmas ornament) but you can always get one from a local store or market.

Here's how it's done:
1. Center the Styrofoam square on the 8''x8'' felt paper. Fold the edges of the felt paper over the sides of the Styrofoam and secure with pins. Wrap the corners neatly and pin. (see figure 1a)

2. Once you’re happy with the position, glue the felt paper in it’s place using the hot glue gun and remove the pins. Neatly glue the edges just like in figure 2a.

3. Turn the Styrofoam over and put ordinary glue (so you'll have time to arrange the moss). Take half of your moss and stretch it out across the top of the Styrofoam. It doesn’t have to be perfect at this point but make sure that most part of the Styrofoam is covered.

4. Flatten the moss and allow the glue to dry for around 20-30 minutes (this is the main reason why we do not want to use the hot glue gun to secure the moss on the Styrofoam ^__^).

5. Affix the 25-inch felt paper on one side of the Styrofoam using a pin. Glue it around all four sides (this time, using the reliable glue gun), covering the edges of the square felt paper and some part of the Styrofoam. It should look like in figure 5a.

6. Take the rest of the moss and neatly cover the Styrofoam.

7. Arrange the artificial leaves wherever you like it to be (In this project, I put it in the middle). Secure each leaf with a pin.

8. Take the artificial flowers and secure it on top of the leaves using a glue gun.

9. Cut a 12-inch ribbon and put it in the center of the pillow securing it with a pin. The ribbon will secure the rings in its place.

10. Put the birds in the center. Arrange the leaves, birds and flowers while making sure that the rings will be the center of attention.

11. Carefully put the wedding rings (my engagement ring, in this picture) and tie a knot.

{another view of our nature-inspired pillow}

There you have it. Isn’t it pretty? I used my engagement ring since we do not have our wedding rings yet. I hope you'll be inspired to create your own pillow and incorporate it with your wedding theme. Happy preps! :)

As for our wedding checklist, Pillows = checked! :)

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  1. galing sis! i love your creativity. you're truly an inspiration.


  2. galing ah ;-) good job sis :-)


  3. thanks sis jackie, sis kay. happy preps! :)

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  6. Sis! this is super nice. And I must say, bow ako sa yo for being so matiyag.

    I am sure, your wedding will be a blast!

  7. ang husay naman! great job!

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