Sunday, October 24, 2010

Angelo ♥ Eyzel: We Did It!

Dear Online Diary,

Yes, We are now officially married! Before the whole kwento and blow by blow account of The Wedding, here's an awesome AVP created by Atty. Raymond Fortun.

{Onsite AVP that was shown during the reception dinner}

{The Newly Wed: Eyzel ♥ Angelo}

More kwento and photos soon! :))



  1. hi Eyzel!
    Best Wishes! I love the the AVP of RF!! You guys look sooooo in love. Have a blessed marriage! And intay namin ang supplier's rating sa w@w but for now, enjoy each other!

    aleng :)

  2. sis! ang cute cute cute! you're such a pretty bride, sobrang glowing and radiant. eeeee so happy for you. :) hintayin ko ang iyong suppliers ratings. hehe

  3. thanks sis aleng and sis ching. will definitely focus on that later. antay pa rin ako ng ibang pics para mas details. may mga booboos pero hindi naman major. enjoy your preps sisses but savor everything on the day then hold the moment forever! :))

  4. hi sis, best wishes :)

    -alvin's mara

  5. hi bro alvin! thank you! happy planning! :))

  6. Whew! Best wishes to you! Just got back last week from 'pinas, and had a blast with my wedding and all too.

  7. hi sis marikoy. thank you and welcome back! Best wishes rin on your married life! :))

  8. wow!!! Nice blog you have here! sooooo detailed! ^_^ I love the tips! I'll probably use some of them when I finally plan my church wedding to my hubby.

    i linked you up on my blog... i hope you dont mind.

  9. Sis, super nice ng gown mo. Ask ko lang sino designer mo and how much? email me pls.

  10. wow I didnt know Atty. Fortun makes AVP for weddings? or was it because family friend?

  11. @your not so ordinary nut
    - he does Same Day Edit as part of his photography package. You can visit his multiply or face book page to see his fab works. :)

  12. Congratulations! Lapit na ang 3rd wedding anniversary ninyo sis. God bless!



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