Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Pre-Valentine Update: Love is in the Air (literally!)

Dear Online Diary,

Hello, everyone! I haven’t been able to blog for a while so let me express my sentiments – “I miss doing DIY projects… I miss my W@W sisses… my co-Girltalkers… and most of all, I miss blogging!!!!”

There, I said it. That’s better.

Hey, it’s February – the so called “love” month. In 5 days, we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day. How’s your plan going? While we're all wishing that our H2B and hubby’s going to be Mr. Valentino 2011 for even just this one night (or at least I know I am), let's do something special for them (for a change, I must add).

Here's one for the book. I slip notes into the pockets of his bag or pants before he go to work. I slip notes into his laptop when he decides to bring it to work with him as well. I post an i-love-you note onto his home computer so that he'll see my little note when he took the cover off. At first, I thought he didn't like it because he rarely say something about it but when the notes are not slipped inside his bag, pockets or laptop, he start asking if there's something wrong or if I'm upset. Until he told me that my little notes help him get through the day at work. I also notice that hubby's loosing a bit and happier eversince. Writing a note every morning is such an easy thing to do, and it makes me happy and I know hubby's happy to receive them, too. It's such a small way to say how much I love him but I'm surprised how he responded. I just started doing this and so far, it's bringing all the positive energy into our married life. :)

{... or you could write it on a wall, graffiti-style.}

Speaking of surprises, let’s take a trip down the memory lane and read how we celebrated the love day last year, which includes two bridal fairs, a bunch of roses and a blessing from above. Click here to read the whole story.

A year after, our Valentine’s Day will be a bit more special because-- A. It’s our first time to celebrate the love day as husband and wife; and B. because we are scheduled to fly to Mauritius!

Yes, dear B2B sisses. We will go on a 3D/2N trip to the island paradise of Mauritius (courtesy of The Wedding Library and Air Mauritius) on Valentine's Day. We’re grateful to Ms. Chel of Air Mauritius and Ms. Winnie of The Wedding Library for assisting us with all the requirements and itinerary. We sure hope to tell you more about the trip when we get back. For the meantime, enjoy your wedding and Valentine’s Day planning and oh, see you at the Weddings & Debuts 2011 bridal fair (incidentally, their 2010 edition is where we won the Mauritius trip) happening on February 18th to 20th at SM Megamall.


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