Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ivette ♥ Audric's Offbeat Rosary Wedding Cord

Ivette and Audric will be getting married (again) on May 7th. They are both overseas but their good (and Üver sweet) friend (I must add), Pay, contacted me so we could create a unique wedding cord for Ivette.

Ultimately, Pay became the communication bridge between Ivette and me in terms of what she wanted for a wedding cord -- a simple, not over-the-top Rosary wedding cord. Ivette (through Pay), requested to separate the colors of their wedding, turquoise and chocolate brown. Sometimes, making simple things is hard but here’s what I created for Ivette and Audric:

{Ivette & Audric's own offbeat Rosary wedding cord}

{Trinkets and Centerpiece: Close-up shot}

Their rosary wedding cord is made of acrylic and glass beads with silver trinkets -- just the way they like it. Pay shared that the cord was sent overseas, ready for the fab couple's upcoming wedding. She also mentioned that the couple likes the cord. :)

Thank you for trusting me, fab couple Ivette and Audric. Of course, it was nice doing business with you, Ms. Pay. Until next time. :)

Want to see more? Click here to view more photos of Ivette and Audric's Rosary wedding cord.


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