Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Miles & Dado’s Lace-infused Rosary Wedding Cord

I first met sis Miles last year via W@W e-group, an online community exclusively for brides to help them plan their dream wedding. I’ve been very vocal about how helpful this community was in planning our wedding last year and I would never cease on recommending this community to every bride.

Anyhow, when sis Miles contacted me not so long ago, she mentioned that she didn’t know I started my humble business until one of the W@Wies (brides who are part of the W@W e-group) posted that she had their wedding cord made by me and so she also wants a unique wedding cord.

After a couple of email exchanges, I learned that creating this particular wedding cord is like a déjà vu only because we almost have the same wedding motif – teal, lime green and gold. If you’re a follower/reader of this blog, you’ll know that our original motif is a combination of these three colors. Furthermore, as part of satisfying the bride’s request, I asked sis Miles about what she wants for a wedding cord and here’s her only, yet intriguing (I must add), response:

"Go crazy with it."

Since she gave me the go-signal, I did get crazy with it (at least I’d like to think I did). Here's what I created for this fab couple:

{I used gold trinkets and metal findings with intricate details to highlight the crystal beads}

{I designed this crucifix with lace to incorporate sis Miles and Dado's wedding theme -- a first, only from PDW}

{The overall aesthetic of sis Miles and Dado's wedding cord -- refreshing, elegant, lace-infused}

I wish I knew all these techniques when I was just planning our wedding. However, receiving recommendation from these fab brides are enough to make my day brighter:

{Screengrab from our PDW Facebook page: Thanks sis Miles! :)}

Sis Miles, being a blogging bride, posted a review about the cord on her own preps blog. Isn't it fabulous?

If you would like to view more of this unique wedding cord and other wedding projects by PDW, simply go to our facebook page and LIKE us or visit our multiply site. Do not forget to fill up our inquiry form if you have questions about a particular cord or if you would like a unique wedding cord that you can call your own. We'll be glad to create one for you, too.



  1. Hi sis! Read your post just now. Super love the cord you made for us! Until now, I still can't help looking at it. LOL! Keep up the good work sis! ^_^

  2. Thanks sis Miles. Stay pretty and sweet! <3



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