Thursday, June 28, 2012

Irene and Rene: A Red, Baby Pink and Gold Wedding Cord

Get ready for a dash of inspiration. :)

Red and baby pink are two of the most feminine colors. Add gold in the palette and you’ll get an elegant combination. Following this motif, I created a cord made of red glass beads, baby pink crystal beads and gold trinkets. To further personalize the cord, I have added the couple's favorite photo taken during their engagement session. Here’s the unique wedding cord that I customized for them:

 {Personalized and unique! The couple's favorite photo as the cord's centerpiece.}

  {The cord's pendant: A cross with red and pink enamel.}

{The cord's main features: Photo centerpiece and cross pendant}

To view the rest of this cord's photos and our past and present projects, you may visit our project hubs in facebook and multiply. Happy preps, everyone!


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