Friday, August 2, 2013

Inspiration Nation: Luxurious 1920's Gatsby Wedding Theme

When a couple decided to host a wedding with a theme like Gatsby, you'll immediately think that that couple is bold and daring for a Gatsby-themed wedding has many qualities. It is luxurious; elegant; glamorous; clean and sleek; grandeur; rich and bold; fabulous; vintage; mainly gold, white and black; high quality feathers; fascinators made of crystals, diamonds, pearls and feathers; gowns with simple yet sexy silhuette among other. Below are some of the images I gathered from google search. If you haven't read Gatsby, you can watch the film with Leonardo DiCaprio as the main protagonist to get more inspiration. Happy preps! :)

{Gatsby Inspiration board: photos from Google search result}

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  1. After that movie remake, many couples were inspired to create a 1920’s wedding soiree. Thinking of its vintage and elegant theme, brides can accessorize with beaded headbands, ropes of pearls and flowers and don’t forget the 1920’s hair and makeup.



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