Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nice-to-Have: Beetle Limo

Dear Online Diary,

Starting today, I am going to share some of the items that we want to have on our wedding day. Please take note, Wants and not Needs. The list is, of course, not limited to mere things. It can be a particular reception and/or church set-up, music, event highlight or suppliers. I know practical brides like me can perfectly relate that in planning a wedding, it is so hard to let go of something just because you do not want to splurge all you have in one day. This is especially true when you fell inlove with it. Anyhow, I promise that the featured items are certified eye candy. =)

Let’s start with the bridal car. The following photos are taken from a flier I obtained from a previous bridal fair engagement. The car's maker is not well known in the industry or in w@w community as of this writing. Nevertheless, I fell inlove with the Beetle Limo. This is because I like a white bridal car for elegance, stretched and roomy for comfort, and low to make it easy for me to get out of the car even when wearing a fairly heavy gown. This is exactly what the Bettle Limo is made of. Here, take a look and admire it's uniqueness & elegance:

{The black & white version of the infamous Beetle Limo}

{Sneak peak: the inside mechanism, features and technicalities}

{Comparison: customized Beetle Limo models vs original Beetle model}

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