Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OT: We Can Rise from Ondoy’s Wrath

Dear Online Diary,

On September 26, 2009, typhoon Ondoy wreck havoc to the country, severely affecting the areas of Malabon, Manila, Pasig, Rizal, Marikina, Bulacan, Pampanga, Quezon City and other nearby places. The damage was unexpected. Most of us were unprepared. This is evident to the following pictures collated from my inbox sent by several friends and concerned individuals:

{Waist-deep floodwater along Taft Ave., Manila}

{Another flooded area along Buendia Ave.}

{Provident Village, Marikina}

{Marikina River overflows}

{Faces of uncertainty and cry for help}

{A bridge in Marikina was submerged in floodwater}

{Residents of Teresa, Rizal}

{Affected residents of Bulacan}

{Several cars were washed out by flashflood in a passageway in Quezon City}

{the aftermath}

Most of the victims lost their home, properties and worst, their family member. Our company, JPMorgan Chase, reported that as of today, 467 of the victims are my colleagues. Around 200 more are still missing.

The good news is that God is doing his work. Our countrymen here and from around the globe are raising funds to answer the victims’ call for help. JPMorgan Chase donated US$100,000.00 to Philippine National Red Cross to finance the medical mission for the victims. Just this morning, it was reported that Taiwan will donate 15 weather stations to aid PAGASA with accurate weather forecasting.

The country’s two leading networks are currently asking for donations and pledges from everyone who can help. If they can do these things, why can’t we? Every little help counts. To know how you can extend your blessing, click here or here. Above all, let us pray unceasingly for our countrymen. God hears us.

How about those who were scheduled to marry?

Most of them cancelled their wedding but believe it or not, I know several couples who decided to face Ondoy’s challenge. Special mention to W@W sisses Jeselyn (ni Arnel) and Kat (ni Daniel) who both unfold their personal accounts on our e-group when they got married last Saturday. Their wedding pushed through despite having only around 100 guests (the invited guests are around 400). Ondoy destroyed all of their preparations, took their dream of executing a beautiful and well-planned wedding, not to mention lots of resources were put to waste.

Despite all these, no flashflood or slex traffic jam held them back from going to their respective wedding venue. One of them rode a pedicab just to reach the church on time. Another had to ask the help of Makati Fire station because all roads leading to their church were impassable to light vehicles (thus, their bridal car) because of the waist-deep floodwater.

Kudos to you and your respective families, sisses! You are the true epitome of how “Love conquers all”.

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