Saturday, October 3, 2009

SUPER RANT: Back Up Your Files Please

Dear Online Diary,

I never thought I am going to be as heart broken as I am now.

Our desktop computer has always been reliable when it comes to storing my wedding paraphernalia since April of this year. I’ve collected a total of 50 folders where I stored wedding inspiration, DIY project how-to’s, Wedding preps checklist, photos to be used for the invitations and reception table, finished e-cards and such. it hurts me more to recall all the items I’ve done…. and gone.

Gone. Puff. It took a simple click to format our desktop computer because of the stupid virus and all my hard works are floating somewhere in space.

My biggest regret is that I never had the chance to back up the files. Now, we’re back to zero. It will hurt me more to redo everything because I always believe that there’s nothing more special than your first try…

Here’s something I would never ever forget from now on: BACK UP THE IMPORTANT FILES.

I guess I learned it the hard way. Sigh.

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  1. I am really sorry to read this. Years ago I had a roommate who used to do data loss recovery. I mention this because he once told me that even though it appears your files are deleted, what actually happens is that the links to your files are removed and (as long as you don't make new files to the computer's hard drive), they very often can be recovered. It may be pricey, but have you considered taking the PC into a data recovery specialist to see if any or all of your precious memories can be retrieved?



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