Monday, October 5, 2009

Supplier Checklist: We Got RF!

Dear Online Diary,

I’m referring to Atty. Raymond Fortun. Yes, he is the famous lawyer and not merely a name sake. I found him through W@W where he was named as one of the top suppliers for 2008.

{A comical...}

{... but serious photographer}

H2B and I were adamant to get another photographer but I became a fan of RF since seeing his works on his multiply site. Through our W@W e-group, some of his satisfied clients have been sharing their great experiences with RF during their pre-nuptial photo shoot or wedding. To this day, I have yet to find a negative feedback to his works or attitude.

All of these and more convinced us that we need him to capture the most important event of our lives. I sent him an email upon studying his rates. I was surprised that he’s easy to talk to. We signed the contract, gave the down payment and we’re booked. RF is now our main photographer. Yey! =)

He likes to take playful shots of the bridal shoes, wedding rings and other paraphernalia. To quote RF: “I just adore weddings. I love capturing those smiles that only two people in love can share. I love to preserve for eternity those details that were painstakingly organized for so many months -- that magnificent wedding gown, the ornately designed cakes and flowers, that gleaming bridal car, those sparkling rings.”

Amen. Here are some of the pictures he took from two of my w@wie sisses' wedding:

{Mirriam+Hubert: Wedding Rings}

{Mirriam+Hubert: Wedding shoes}

{Arlene+Rey: Wedding shoes}

{Arlene+Rey: Wedding Rings}

With him as our main photographer, our wedding photos and moments will be in good hands. View his amazing works here.

It’s so nice that we are once again moving on with our wedding preps despite the set back that I’ve gone through last weekend. It’s such a welcoming feeling. I’m so happy.


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  1. Wow, mare. As in si Atty. Raymond Fortun? kina-career nyo na talaga ni Angelo ha. Good job. :)



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