Sunday, July 4, 2010

Wedding Checklist: Entourage Gowns

Dear Online Diary,

Yesterday was fun, fun, fun!

Choosing the person who’s going to create the gowns of our female entourage was a breeze. Mama Betty and Tita Ehlsa (my MoH) told me months ago that they talked to Mommy Cora to see if she can do the job. You see, she created Mama Betty’s gown when she married Papa Noel (and Tita Ehlsa was a flower girl) so it made a whole lot of sense why they suggested Tita Cora to make the gowns.

It’s just not too easy to pass this opportunity. When Mommy Cora expressed that she can make the gowns but she can’t bead, I thought it’s perfect. I like the gowns free of beads so they could use it all over again. Yey!

So yesterday, we set an appointment with Mommy Cora and went to my grandparent’s place. It was easy to gather the girls since most of them are my cousins, save to Lory, my bestfriend and Veil sponsor. It was indeed a short notice but almost all of them showed up with excitement as I presented the gown inspiration and details. I was just too happy to know that they like the gown inspirations and excited to take part on our wedding (not to mention, the donuts we brought for merienda). And oh, can you imagine their excitement when we showed them our WedSite? It’s chaotic but in a good way. LOL

Here are some of the pictures we took of yesterday’s fun event:

{That's me (left) and Lory (my veil sponsor) discussing about the details of the gown}

{Mikha, one of my bridesmaids, is giggling about something}

{Our "behaved" flower girls}

{Lanie, one of my bridesmaids, while enjoying the the donut.}

{Best of friends: Eyzel and Lory}

{That's Mommy Cora taking Lory's measurements. Vital stats please. LOL}

{... it's Monique's turn}

{Yes, we're all here.}

I can't wait for their first fitting. As for the wedding checklist, Entourage Gowns = CHECKED!


It's Mama Betty's birthday today. We had a simple dinner last night to celebrate another milestone of her life. Happy birthday, Mama Betcha!!! We love you! :))


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