Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Supplier Checklist: Invitation

Dear Online Diary,

Today is very memorable.

President Noynoy Aquino was inaugurated as the country’s 15th president.

Twilight fanatics trooped to the cinemas to watch Eclipse.

We, on the other hand, got our invitation supplier.

Yes, it’s true. With only 116 days to go, we booked our invites supplier!

At first, we considered to do our invites by ourselves. We did our invites design months ago and it’s ready for printing. The problem started when we realized how hard it was to print the invites. We were just not happy with how the color’s coming up. That’s when we decided to let the professionals do the job.

We then started to look for invites suppliers several bridal fairs ago. It was, well, a bit overwhelming. We saw loads of pretty, original, thematic and what-have-you invites. They’re all amazing but only one supplier caught our attention – Written in Ink (Wink).

We intended to book Wink during one of the bridal fairs that we attended last month because they offer affordable but amazing invitation packages. Unfortunately, we never got the chance to go back. I was browsing through the W@W e-community when I got the idea of sending an email to Wink asking if they could extend the bridal fair discount. I knew it’s going to be a long shot and I was afraid it would just be ignored but we got Faith.

A couple of days ago, I got a message from Ms. Noky, owner of Wink. We exchanged several messages until we came into an agreement. To seal the deal, we went to their main office in Makati today and talked to our AE, Ms. Jo. She nicely presented a whole bunch of pretty invites samples. Browsing through the samples was a breeze. It really helps when you know what you wanted from the very start. You’ll bound to feel the “this-is-it” feeling. And so we did.

{Smile for the camera: Ms. Jo (right) and yours truly while selecting the perfect invites}

{We just Winked! :)}

Several minutes later, I found ourselves selecting the color combination, the type of paper and the style/theme of our invites. We then signed the contract and we’re off to get our mock-up in a few days. Yey! As for the wedding checklist, INVITES = CHECKED!

Thank you, Ms. Noky and Ms. Jo. You're the best! :))

Contact Details:

Ms. Noky Gatmaitan

Unit 1 Southway Condominium Mayapis Corner
Bakawan Streets, San Antonio Village Makati City
Telephone No. 894.1500



  1. thanks for sharing, sis. Congrats on your accomplishment. :)

  2. Super! I love it. Thanks for sharing, Eyzel.

  3. I just stumbled across your blog while searching for suppliers. Grabe you're so creative. I'm sure your wedding will rock. ;) Congrats by the way. and God bless you :D



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