Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Detailing: All About the Flowers!

Dear Online Diary,

Last Sunday, H2B and I went to the Bridal de Manila Book 2 bridal fair (Oh, yes. We love bridal fairs!) at SM Megatrade Hall to meet with our flower supplier, Rocky Blooms Flowershop. It was nice talking to Ms. Rona and Sir Marlon after about 7 months. They’re so nice. When we approached their booth, they warmly greeted us as if we’re their long lost friends. Hahaha. Don’t you love suppliers who treat you like friends and not just clients?

Anyway, it was such a brief and serious (?!) meeting. I showed them some pegs of flower inspiration that I gathered from different websites. They were urging me to adjust our flower budget but I kept my faith that they are going to meet our expectations given the budget that we have. In the end, they gave in to my whim without adjusting the contract price. Hurray!

Here are some of the flower inspirations that we showed them.

{Rocky Blooms Flowershop: Flower Inspirations}

Cheers to Ms. Rona and Sir Marlon! Thanks for dealing with my kakulitan. Talk to you soon and more power! :))


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  1. Hi Eyzel. It sounds like your florists are cool. Thanks for sharing.



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