Friday, June 11, 2010

Sharing: Trial Airbrush Make-Up by Val Villarin

Dear Online Diary,

Val Villarin is one of the most recommended suppliers that W@Wies were raving for simply because Val made them radiant and glamorous on their wedding day. He has been receiving excellent feedbacks from every W@Wie who got his services. It was a long shot but thanks to W@W Auction last year, I got his Wedding and Airbrush trial make up services. I figured it’s best to hold the trial make-up during our e-session so I could test how it’s going to be on our big day.

I was a bit fidgety before the scheduled e-session and trial make-up. I was nervous to meet him. All the brides he’d worked with are radiant and beautiful. What if he does not like me? What if I don’t meet his expectations? Oh believe me, there’s a lot of what if’s…

Until, the day has come. I love his studio. It was cute and neat. He has a full-size tarpaulin of the brides he prettified on their day. Somehow, it distracted me from feeling nervous as it’s my first airbrush trial make-up. It’s hard to explain how I felt but all I know is that it was cold. Val works quietly but he asked me a couple of questions as to what I wanted on the big day and some other stuff.

After an hour and a half, this is me (with the help of H2B's lenses):

{Trial Make-Up with Val}

Cool, right? H2B was speechless when he saw me and I felt like I was melting as he stared at me. I had to pinch him to stop him from gawking at me. hihihihi. The guards at Val’s building even commented that I looked like a celebrity.

We also met his adorable shih tzu, Mac. We’re a big fan of playful dogs. H2B took a lot of photos of Mac while Val prettifies me.

{Adorable Mac: 6-mo old Shih Tzu}

We’re going straight to our e-session so Val groomed H2B, too. H2B was hesitant to go in front of the "magic mirror" but what can he do? It's 2 (Val and I) against 1 :))

{H2B gets his 10 mins fame}

Thanks, Val, for making us radiant and pretty. It’s such a nice and memorable experience. See you in 4 months time. :))

{Smile for the Camera: Val Villarin and yours truly}



  1. Whoa. You look good, friend. Lapit na ha. :)

  2. sis, you were indeed blooming and pretty! excited na ko for my turn...:)



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