Saturday, June 19, 2010

Supplier Checklist: Fondant Cakes by Mavic

Dear Online Diary,

About 2 weeks ago, I was in search for a cake supplier. I was spending half of my sleeping time searching online and browsing through wedding magazines just to find the cake artist.

We want someone who takes his/her profession seriously and easy to talk to. We want someone who can work around our budget. We want someone who can make our dream cake possible.

Until I came across the multiply page of Ms. Mavic Selim. Without hesitation, I sent her a personal message to inquire about her cake packages. Luckily, she responded in a heartbeat. I then found myself exchanging YM with her for almost an hour (or two. Honestly, I lose track of the time. teehee). We talked about our wedding, her passion about baking and designing cakes, our cake design and what-have-you. I like her plan on how she’s going to execute our cake based on the pegs I sent her for inspiration. She then sent me a similar design she did for her previous client. She got me at that very moment. I believe that she’s going to execute the design beautifully. I just knew then that she's the cake artist for us.

{Few of Ms. Mavic's creation}

Before booking, I told H2B about my convo with Ms. Mavic and how flexible she is. I let him browse through the websites of Ms. Mavic (you can find her in Facebook, too) and the pegs she sent that’s not online. With his approval, we booked her. Not only does he likes our wedding cake inspiration, he also likes the sample photos of the cakes that Ms. Mavic sent to me.

{Ms. Mavic with one of her recent creations}

To make it official, we deposited the down payment yesterday. It’s final. Ms. Mavic will create our dream cake. Cheers! :))

Contact Details:

Mavic Selim
Cellphone Number: 0908-189870
Email Address:

Having completed a couple of things off our wedding checklist – passport application, ocular and detailing with Ms. Anj of Ma Del’s (related story coming soon) and finally booking our cake supplier – it’s been a very busy yet fruitful rest day. Thank you, Lord. Everything’s coming together. :))


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