Thursday, November 5, 2009

2009 W@Wie Awards: Top 10 Wedding Suppliers

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{The W@Wie Awards: Click here for the link}

Every year, Ms. Benz (founder of weddingsatwork with her husband, Sir John Rana), asks W@Wies to vote for their favorite wedding suppliers. We vote in terms of the suppliers’ customer service, quality of work, food and value to the event. One of the country's top designers Cecilio Abad was named as the 2008 Top Wedding Supplier. Who will it be this year? We have voted and eleven (yes, eleven!=P) suppliers made it to the list. They are (in alphabetical order):
  • Angels of Heart (flowers)
  • Bob Nicolas (video)
  • Eloquente Catering
  • Jayson & JoAnne Arquiza (photo)
  • Josiah’s Catering
  • k. by Cunanan Catering
  • Nice Print (photo)
  • Phoeben Teocson Cinema
  • Raymond Fortun (photo)
  • Rejectkrew (mobile)
  • Threelogy (video)
I’m so proud because Atty. RF made it to the list. The announcement of the Top Wedding Supplier is going to be on November 27th during the W@W Christmas Party. H2B and I are so excited to attend our first (maybe the last) W@W Christmas party before our wedding next year. To all the suppliers, good luck and continue to make every bride's dream wedding come true!


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