Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Blessed Canonical Interview

Dear Online Diary,

Couples who wish to marry are required by the church to attend a Canonical or pre-nuptial interview, or dulog, as it is known in the vernacular to find out any possible impediments to the forthcoming wedding, to ensure the freedom of both parties, and to determine the couple’s knowledge of the duties, responsibilities and doctrines of a Catholic marriage. Source:
When Ms. Miles scheduled our canonical interview, my heart started to race and immediately after, I searched the web for anything about canonical interview and what we need to expect. Unfortunately, the sources aren’t many. Some says the priest will ask you to recite several prayers, enumerate the Ten Commandments, pray the rosary and such. We did ask our relatives about it but all we got from our titos (Uncles) and titas (Aunts) is a knowing smile, and the same old phrase, “Just be yourself and be honest.”

Searching the archive of our W@W e-forum, I’ve found out that the priest will generally ask about your relationship. The bride will be interviewed first, followed by the groom, and then both will be interviewed together.

Days before our scheduled interview, H2B and I somehow resolved that we will just be ourselves and answer the questions with all honesty (no pun intended).

Last Friday, August 13th, we promptly went to the parish office for our scheduled interview. After a couple of minutes, Ms. Miles prompted me to enter the office to start our interview.

(This is it!)

I turned to H2B, who gave me a loving smile and pressed my hand tightly for assurance. My heart was beating real fast and my knees are literally shaking, I could hardly walk. When I opened the door, there he is – Rev. Fr. Angel – smiling at me. He started the session with questions about our relationship – how we met, how me became lovers and some other questions a friend would normally ask. I relaxed and at some point, tears (of joy) started to flow down my cheeks (now, where’s that hanky when I need one?) as I relive my 6-year relationship with H2B (Yes, I am such a crybaby).

Rev. Fr. Angel asked more personal questions, my view on certain matters concerning the church and married life. After that, he asked me to call H2B for his turn.

After around 20 minutes, H2B was all smile when I saw him came out of the door. He called me and said that Rev. Fr. Angel wanted to talk to us together.

Rev. Fr. Angel said that he was glad that he met us and thanked us for sharing our relationship to him. He added that we’re the youngest couple he interviewed so far and that he wanted to see us grow old together. He mentioned a few more important things to remember about marriage and these are my favorite:
1. The church promotes marriage to give life. It is the responsibility and duty of the parents to raise their children to become good followers of God.
2. Marriage is not the end of friendship; rather it is the continuity of it.
3. Continue to let God be the center of your marriage and family.

Now that I’ve come to the end of this post, I finally understand why few people dare to share their experiences with Canonical interview. In my own personal view, it’s private and special. It’s something that should be kept and cherished between me and H2B alone. But H2B added something else and I agree. It is a blessing. :))


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