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An Excerpt for Couples Getting Married

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I came across this very informative lesson about marriage. Read on:

Advice To Couples Getting Married
Marriages may be made in heaven but they're endured on earth. For couples about to say "I do," Fr. Candy says they must do these things first. Make sure you're friends. Because as friends, you know each other's good points and bad points and yet, still like each other.

Love each other. How? When the welfare, peace of mind, security, and happiness of the other are as real to you as your very own, then you have come to love. Then now, you have to be practical. For the girl, make sure your man has a good paying job and a healthy bank account. If not, you must assure each other that even if there's no money, you will make a go of your relationship.

Advice To Married Couples
So now, after sinking in his arms, you find your arms in the sink. After the bliss come the blisters."Every couple is unique," says Fr. Candy. "The most common problem of couples today is lack of communication more than money."

Fr. Candy gives these home prescriptions for married couples:

Accept and own your problem. Couples want happiness, but some where along the line, there's a deviation. Until the husband and wife are able to find the cause of the deviation, they won't solve the problem.

Owning does not mean blaming. Maybe you're part of the problem, too. But there are problems in marriages you can no longer solve because you have allowed the situation to degenerate. "Take the case of celebrity couple Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera". Fr. Candy cites. "It should have been salvageable but not one of them is working at it. In the beginning, Pops was trying her best at a reconciliation. Finally, she gave up because Martin was no longer cooperating".

For Bitter Or For Worst
Says Fr. Candy: "When you get married, you say, `For better or for worst' So I asked the wives, What could be the worst? In-laws?Money? Communication? What can your partner do that you'd consider unforgivable?. Most of them answered infidelity."Of course, in a perfect world, there are no mistresses. Fr. Candy asks the wives again, "Is it possible you are the reason your partner is unfaithful?" He gives a faithful description: "Both husband and wife are capable of doing it. But physical infidelity is just a consequence of emotional infidelity."

And that's the real world according to Fr. Candy. Bless you, Father.

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Sweet words from Fr. Candy

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