Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bridal Fair Escapade: Before I Do Wedding Fair

Dear Online Diary,

We just got home from the Before I Do 5th edition bridal fair at SM Megamall. There were the usual bridal fair exhibitors. We stopped by Print Diva’s and Paper Flair to admire their creativity in terms of invitation concepts. We loved their pop up invites and almost booked them but invites are one of the DIY projects I want to do. We then looked for cake supplier and found Fave Cakes. Ms. Alma was very accommodating and patiently answered all our questions. Her cakes look delicious and the prices are very affordable. I’ll send her an email later to follow up on our order. We also had the chance to speak to some of the caterers like Angelica’s, St. Nicholas and Claudia’s Kitchen. Angelica’s offer are very affordable plus they are going to service a wedding event here in Las Pi┼łas so they invited us to stopped by and get a feel of their service. I think we will do that. Claudia’s sample appetizers are really yummy and we loved the Gazebo set-up of St. Nicholas. I have to refer to my co-w@wies for their rating.

Overall, we enjoyed talking to possible suppliers, got a couple of freebies and a bagful of pamphlets.

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  1. hi!

    i saw your blog entry while browsing the net about our bridal fair.

    thanks for posting our event at your blog.

    many blessings!

    vrc creative events - before i do bridal fair organizer



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