Thursday, May 7, 2009

Church Update v3

Dear Online Diary,

Finally! Yesterday right after my shift, I went straight to our barangay hall to secure a residential certificate which is the initial requirement for me to save the church on our chosen date. Thanks to Ms. Edith of barangay hall for a hustle-free transaction. I got my residential certificate without a sweat.

After securing the certificate, I wasted no time to go to the Bamboo Organ registry office, praying that the date we wanted is still open. After the first setback (please refer to Church Update v2), all I wanted now is to get a day far from rainy season. I immediately looked for Ms. Miles and with my fingers crossed, I asked her if our dream date is still available. She smiled, which was a good sign. She gathered my letter of intent, birth certificate and the residential certificate, double checked it and penciled our name on the wedding calendar on the date we have chosen. After that, I handed the minimum down payment and obtained the receipt. Another one marked down on our wedding checklist. H2b is as ecstatic as I am about this good news. Next target, reception venue and catering. Yey! =D

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