Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I got a MoH

Dear Online Diary,

In a wedding, the maid of honor (matron of honor if married) has a vital role in assisting the bride with many duties. The maid of honor's responsibilities include various tasks in advance of the wedding, as well as during the ceremony and following it. She’s also responsible on holding the groom’s ring and signs the marriage license as a witness. The most important thing is that she must know the bride well and be of assistance in every way.

I've always wanted Tita Ehlsa to be my Matron of Honor because she’s like my older sister. I learned a lot from her while growing up especially all those kakikayan things.

Quick facts about her: she's the youngest sister of my father, married with one kidd-o, TJ kulit (who will be our ring bearer, but that's a different story).

I can’t think of anyone else who can execute the role as much as she can. Since our wedding will not be until next year, I dismissed all the excitement and refrain from telling her all about my plans (with h2b's blessing, ofcourse).Until a couple of days ago, I sent her a message asking her if she would love to be my MoH. After a minute or two, I received a reply from her saying: “Sure! Magtu-tube ako ng bonggang-bongga!” =D

There it goes. I got her. For me, she’ll be the perfect Matron of Honor there is. =D

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