Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Cakes Galore: Fab and Amazing Finds

Dear Online Diary,

While I cannot drag myself to sleep after a graveyard shift, I busied myself into finding useful wedding cake ideas on the net. Google found a couple of thousand wedding cake pictures and it never failed to give the unexpected.

Here are some of the wedding cakes I found online. Some of them are amazing and some may be a little crazy but very unique (Please click on the picture to go its source).

{Who says only brides can wear a wedding veil?}

{Who thinks fountains can only be found in a garden?}

{It’s cute and unique. Cheers!}

{Gamers will never believe that Xbox can be edible sometimes}

{Now we know who took grandma’s brick game}

{This cake is clearly inspired by the animated movie of J. Depp }

{There is no doubt who wears the pants (figuratively and literally)}

{Bridezillas in action... Comical, isn’t it?}

{Very sexy. Just make sure everyone has an answer when kids became curious}

{Poof??? OMG}

{A life size wedding cake spells F-A-B }

I can use something as fab as a life-size wedding cake. This will definitely go under my Nice-To-Have List =P

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