Friday, July 31, 2009

DIY Preview: Monograms

Dear Online Diary,

Many can attest how I want to personalized our wedding when it comes to details. This may well be one of the reasons why H2b and I decided to move our wedding from this year to next year. More than a year of planning will give us ample time to prepare ourselves not only to our wedding day but more importantly to our married life.

Having said that, a personalized monogram will grace our invitations, misallettes, favors, table numbers and thank you cards to name a few. Ever since I joined W@W, I’ve been seeing some posts of B2Bs who shared their DIY monograms that left me wondering how they did it. Some even paid well-known artists to create a monogram for them. I’ve been bugging H2B to make one for us. Unfortunately, he’s occupied with work (which I completely understand, by the way) and he seems not in the mood to start the wedding preps just yet (well, this I do not understand).

I got no problem with that. I have the whole world wide web (wwww?!) to turn to (and W@Wies, too). Lucky for me, I found several tutorials about creating wedding monograms. Thanks to those who posted these treasures, I was able to come up with our own monograms. Using the ever reliable Adobe Photoshop, I’ve made a few to get a taste of what I can do.

{Monogram #1}
{Monogram #2}
{Monogram #3}
{Monogram #4}

More monograms to come so please watch out. I need more practice as I cannot get the color I want, which are teal, celery green and gold. Comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. =D

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