Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The MC Come to Town: Bien Rivera

Dear Online Diary,

I’m been out and about but I’m decided to finish my supplier’s rating. Who’s our next fab supplier?

{Bien Rivera: Seasoned host and comedian}

We got Bien from attending Before I Do a year ago and met him (with his friend, Martin King aka our almost MC) just a couple of weeks before the wedding. He’s fun, spontaneous and personable– the three magic qualities that a professional MC should possess.

It was in FB when I saw a little video about his hosting antics, which undeniably add up to our excitement. True enough, He did a hell of a job in keeping our reception program alive, fun and in order.
{Bien Rivera at work}

Why we adore him?
  1. He’s easy to talk to, spontaneous, personable and fun to be with.
  2. He made our reception program lively and fun.
  3. He took control of the program flow.
  4. He has a great singing voice.
  5. He can think on his feet. During the program, he invented a different fun game which we and our friends enjoyed.
  6. He asked for our suggestions and he reviewed my blog just to know us better and research the kind of wedding that we want.
  7. There’s no dull moment with him.

Here's our rating:
Supplier: Bien Rivera
Stress level:
No stress at all! :))

Customer Service and Satisfaction:
Very satisfied

Overall: Recommended


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