Saturday, November 13, 2010

When Boredom Strikes: Meet Bridezilla and Groomkong

Dear Online Diary,

Are you familiar with Diner Dash? I used to play it on my sweet ol' PSP but earlier today, I encountered another version of this game – Wedding Dash 4Ever. It’s a strategy game much like the Diner Dash where the player has to satisfy each guest’s request and make the couple happy in order to win the game. Out of curiosity, I installed it and have a go. Before I knew it, I've been playing it for about four hours. It's quite addicting. :))

What excites me more than the game was a discovery. I’ve heard about brides becoming Bridezilla when stress gets the best of them. What I never knew before now is that stressed out grooms (mainly because of their brides) are called –Groomkong!

{Wedding Dash 4Ever Tutorial screenshot}

Oh, here comes my Groom(kong). I better get going *evil grin*. PDW will be back to regular programming on Monday. Have a great weekend! :))


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