Friday, November 12, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: FG Rose Pastillas Basket from Sweet Blooms

Dear Online Diary,

I first saw these rose pastillas at a bridal fair that we attended. I love it's milky taste and it's fun to eat. Furthermore, it's edible yet it's not made of chocolate so it's something new to me.

Since we already booked a photo booth service as our wedding favor, we did the next best thing – get the flower girl basket arrangement for our little girls. I was so excited about the idea that we ordered on the spot especially when we saw this:

{Sweet Bloom's sample arrangements at the bridal fair}

Or maybe I was way too excited. Hmm… it pains me to tell this, the communication between us was not satisfying. There were instances that I sent my requests for changes and updates but did not receive a reply/confirmation. It was only a week before the scheduled pick up when I finally received a call from one of their associates confirming our order description and specification, which I highly appreciated.

When we picked it up, I was (a bit) disappointed. The specific colors of rose pastillas that I requested (and confirmed via phone call) weren’t followed correctly. I thought the bears and the rose pastillas were smaller than what we saw at the fair (I understand that the roses come in two sizes – regular and large). Unfortunately, the mini bears are a lot smaller than what they are in photos. The baskets were mediocre for my taste. To add it up, I asked the person-in-charge of their booth if that’s the only arrangements that they created for us because I’m not happy with it, considering the cost of each basket. She was kind of lost for words and mumbled something, to which, hubby said to just let it go. Oh well.

{One of the baskets they did for us}

The following day, I was interested to get their explanation about the wrong color (roses), the size of the roses and bears as well as the arrangement. I sent them a message through text—but did not receive anything in return (until now). Dedma na lang sila. :(

Anyhow, since I love the rose pastillas but not the arrangement, I improvised. I bought a set of stuff toys and baskets then I worked with what I have. I can’t say that the baskets were perfectly beautiful (given the time that we have then) but I was happy with the final product. I regret that we ordered the basket arrangements instead of per piece (speaking of value for money).

{ one of the semi-DIY Flower Girl Baskets (photo by: Ms. Thet of RTJ Photography)}

Our little miss flower girls, on the other hand, enjoyed the rose pastillas so much. Here's what they were doing during the ceremony (caught on cam):

{Our flower girls while eating rose pastillas during the ceremony}

I can never complain, the pastillas are too tempting to eat. :))

Here’s my rating:
Supplier: Sweet Blooms (Rose Pastillas)
Stress level: a bit of stressful especially after we got the baskets
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Not Satisfied. Certainly, improvements can be made especially in communicating with the customers and answering their inquiries/status updates.
Rose Pastillas Flower Girl Basket: I’m happy with the rose pastillas but not with the arrangement and the final product.
Overall: If you want something out of the ordinary, it’s better to order per piece and arrange it the way you want it because when they made your order, it’s kind of final (at least that's what happened to us). The basket arrangement was nothing special for my taste, considering it costs around Php500 per basket.


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