Saturday, November 6, 2010

Supplier’s Rating: Little Dreams By Decisive Moments

Dear Online Diary,

It was hard yet easy to contact them since our AE, Ms. Jane, do not always reply to text or email messages. If a decision has to be made – say regarding schedule, location or number of photographers, we have to wait a week or two because she has to consult it to someone else.

Bumawi naman sila. During our engagement session, they sent four photographers instead of two– Ken, Jerome, Ian and Sir Mel, who do not need to be there but chose to join his “kids” since according to him, he has nothing else to do. :))

{Ken, Jerome, Ian and Sir Mel at work}

They are energetic yet their approach is kind of traditional than playful and quirky. Here are some of our engagement session photos:

{Some of our Favorite E-session photos}

Here's our rating:
Supplier: Little Dreams by Decisive Moments
Stress Level: Tama lang
Customer Service and Satisfaction:
Photos and Final Product:
RECOMMENDED (to those who wants traditional style since Sir Mel is an award winning photojournalist)


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