Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eight Months To Go: It's Time To Get Lucky

Dear Online Diary,


I can’t even start how to express my feelings upon seeing that we only have eight months to go before the Big Day. We’ve booked some of the major suppliers for our wedding, still raising additional funds for our wedding budget and researching (read: studying) for things that can make our day even more memorable.

We’re scheduled to book our caterer, bridal gown and lights/sound system supplier by the end of February or early March. After which, I’ll focus on my DIYs and minor suppliers as well as follow-ups on our booked suppliers.

It’s been a stressful yet satisfying preparation. H2B and I have been blessed with free trips outside the country and lucky to get some of the best wedding suppliers for half of their prizes through the W@W auction. Being a W@Wie is such a blessing. I gain friends – both fellow brides and wedding suppliers who we greet every bridal fair that we’re attending. We’re thankful and hoping that the blessing will continue to come upon us throughout our journey. I have a whole chapter ready to tell our grand children in the future or the experience to lend a hand when it’s my friends or sister’s turn to wed. It’s great when we have a certain way to express our creativity and do something that we love (for a change, if I may add).

And now, to commemorate the 8th-month mark left for us to prepare before the big day, I’d like to share (for a limited time) our WedSite (wedding website) hosted by mywedding.com. Of course, it’s a work in progress but it will give you an idea on how our wedding will turn out as well as little knick knacks on where we are right now. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through our piece of the WWW (world wide web). Please do not forget to leave some love by signing our guestbook. It’s the last link on the left panel of the WedSite.

{A screenshot of our Wedsite: view it here}

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