Friday, December 17, 2010

Atty. RF: The Lawyer con Master Photographer

Dear Online Diary,

Professional. Creative. Witty. Cowboy.

That’s how we can describe Atty. Raymond Fortun upon meeting and working with him for the first time.

Almost two years ago, I never dreamt of getting him as our photographer. W@Wies were (and still are) raving about his works on our W@W e-forum. Later, I found myself dumbfounded as I browse his creative works via his multiply site. To make the story short, we were one of the lucky couples who were able to book him. Big hurray!

On the day, he’s one of those who arrived early at the hotel. He proceeded to the bedroom (not without the “ooohhss” and “aaahhhss” and “si Atty. Fortun oh!” of the people inside the suite), quickly scanned our wedding details, flashed a big smile upon seeing all my DIY projects and presented the bride and groom badges that we won via his raffle last October (Thanks, Atty RF. They’re adorable!).

{Our couple bears proudly show the "I am an RF Bride" and "I am an RF Groom" badges from Atty. RF}

I like how he works. He’s not the silent type. He’s BIG in comment. He made it a point to show me some of the photos he took after every frame. He’s directive, but in a nice, professional way. The kind where you will easily feel at ease.

{Atty RF at work}

Are you ready to see some of the photos he took? If only I can post all of 'em, I surely will. :)) Here are some of our favorite photos from Atty. Raymond Fortun:

{Some of our fave wedding photos from Atty. RF}

Now, here's our rating:
Supplier: Raymond Fortun Photography
Stress Level: No stress at all. It was a bliss! :))
Customer Service and Satisfaction: Very satisfied. He's just an "FB away".
Overall: Highly recommended



  1. sis, anong price range ng gowns nya? ang ganda ng gowns nya but im on a tight budget.. :( thanks!

    1. Hi sis. Thanks for visiting my blog. Atty. Raymond Fortun is a photographer. If you're looking for a wedding gown designer, you may check out Marc Rancy. He made my wedding gown. Here's my review about him and the gown:



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