Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Photo Story: Our Valentine Trip to Mauritius

Dear Online Diary,

Wanna have a glimpse on what went through with our honeymoon err Valentine trip to Mauritius? Read on:

On February 14th, we drove to NAIA, left the Philippine territory aboard a Cebu Pacific aircraft. A few hours later, we found ourselves in Hongkong International Airport, considered as one of the largest airports in Asia...

{A section of HKIA. It has over 100 gates and a few hundred shops & restaurants.}

{Trolleys: Hubby had a lot of fun pushing one around the airport}

{HKIA: Because of it's size, it may appear deserted especially during the wee hours (our flight to Mauritius was rescheduled on February 15th, 3:00 AM)}

{Ajisen Ramen's Spicy beef: Officially hubby's favorite noodles. We're planning to grab a bowl sometime this week at it's local branch}

There's a four hours time difference between Hong Kong and Mauritius. Despite the grueling 8-hour flight, we managed to enjoy Mauritius' scenic spots...

{We arrived at Mauritius at around 11:00 AM}

{Air Mauritius' breakfast meal: Their food is acceptable. Doesn't taste like paper (as some other airlines' food does). Lunch/Dinner were served, too. Additionally, they have the finest and friendliest crew ever!}

{Aerial view of the Mauritius Island}

{The Mauritius Airport perfectly defines the Mauritian's way of life -- simple yet splendid (as what the billboard suggests)}

{Mauritians speak French and English. I'd like to think that the island is best known as European's summer vacation destination.}

After about an hour and a half drive from the airport (courtesy of White Sand Tour), we arrived at Beau Rivage, our home in Mauritius...
{Beau Rivage: one of the luxury beach hotels at Belle Mare, in the eastern part of the island}

We were greeted, rather warmly, by the majestic and spacious lobby, a large pool with turquoise mosaics opening onto the delicate lines of the crystal-clear swimming pool and the aquamarine lagoon. Thatched roofs give all the buildings an authentic charm. Almost immediately, we felt at home.

{The majestic turquoise pool just outside the reception area}

{The floating gazebo is very popular among the Europeans at the hotel. Large and healthy Koi fishes and a turtle lives at this pond}

{The inviting white sand and clean shoreline}

{Water sports ready: Which is which?}

{It's past 7:00 in the evening and the sky's signaling a romantic night (say hello to the moon!)}

{Mauritian Greeting: locals perform a traditional dance to welcome their guests}

{Beau Rivage serves European and Mediterranean cuisines. Perfect for food adventurers like hubby.}

{Lunch gourmet served at Mediterranni, one of the hotel's restaurant}

{Scenic Breakfast & Dinner in front of the pool: We enjoyed our breakfasts & dinners served by Rive Gauche}

{This is the kind of life anyone wants to enjoy...}

{... with their lifetime partner and love.}

The trip not only gave us the opportunity to discover another country's culture and way of life, but it also gave us the freedom, time and the chance to reflect on our own life together, our relationship and what's next. We have Air Mauritius, The Wedding Library, Beau Rivage management and White Sand Tours to thank for. More power to each and everyone of you. This trip surely made our bond even stronger. We can't thank you enough.


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