Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ruth & Jerald: Kids at Heart Wedding Cord

When we were little kids, everything in the world is simple. All we know is play, eat, learn, love our parents (and pets, for that matter) and have fun. We like basic objects and beautiful things never cease to amuse us.

That’s exactly what I wanted to execute in creating this cord for sis Ruth and her H2B, Jerald. Their unique wedding theme, which is Kids at Heart, needs a unique wedding cord. Here's what I came up for them (which the bride loves so much, I must add):

{freestyle wedding cord for sis Ruth & Jerald}

Their wedding theme calls for contemporary and basic designs. The combination of acrylic and glass beads is a good choice as these types of beads have a wide range of color and (fun) design. I used basic shapes -- square blocks, round and flowers -- the very first few shapes that we knew as a kid.

{the beads}

The cord wouldn't be complete without a centerpiece that will make the cord unique. As kids, our favorite subjects may be art and play time. Our art class wouldn't be complete without learning how to draw a boy and a girl. That's where the fun begun. I couldn't think of anything else that will make this cord complete other than the boy and girl metal trinkets.

{the centerpiece}

There you go. I hope you like the cord as much as I do. You can catch up with my latest creations by visiting Project Dream Wedding on Facebook or Multiply sites. Please do not forget to send an Inquiry Form if you'd like to send in your order or inquire about our creations.

Until next time! :)


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