Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lino & Vhan’s Butterfly-themed Wedding Monogram

One of the popular ways of customizing a wedding is by using a monogram specially made for the couple. A wedding monogram is sort of the couple’s trademark of their own wedding and we’re no exemption. We designed our own wedding monogram, which we used on our invites (and other stationeries) and favors.

For Ms. Vhan, I created two monogram studies for their butterfly-themed wedding. The design is pretty simple and true to form, which were highlighted by their purple and pink wedding colors.

{Monogram studies for Ms. Vhan and Lino.}

One of these monograms is going to be used to accentuate the couple’s unity candle set (work in progress). Can you guess the monogram that Ms. Vhan chose to be their wedding trademark? Your guess is as good as mine. To see more of PDW’s past and present work, do not forget to visit our project hubs, Facebook and Multiply.


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