Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspiration Nation: Alice In Wonderland Wedding Theme

There are two words that can best describe an Alice in Wonderland wedding theme – fun and whimsical. When done correctly, the host will make all their guests remember their childhood fun memories. It’s going to be a sure hit and people will talk about their wedding for ages.

Owing to the famous story of a girl who transported into a magical world full of mystery, there’s a vast resource of inspiration one can find on the internet. Let’s take a look at some of them:

{Photos taken from a random google search result}

I can picture the bride wearing a simple yet elegant dress with her groom in tux. The aisle is decorated with white blossoms in thin twigs. She’s holding a whimsical white bouquet and marching on a white gorgeous boots.

They will be holding a whimsical reception after the ceremony. There you may find a towering mini cakes in tea cups; tables with clock, mushrooms and cards arranged in a fun, quirky way; colorful and delicious desserts; sumptuous dishes to fill you up; and colorful drinks to celebrate the newly wed.

To end the day, the entourage may throw colorful confetti and powder bombs instead of fireworks. Lovely, isn’t it?


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