Monday, June 15, 2009

Sharing a First Hand Experience: Trial Make up with Shiseido

Dear Online Diary,

As a bride, I wanted to have a picture perfect aura in all our wedding pictures. I never realized the importance of getting a professional Hair and Make-up Artist (HMUA) until one of the W@Wie brides posted something about it on our online community. Their fee is based on talent so I guess I will never get a senior stylist with my original budget for HMUA. Those who are well-known in the business and have a lot of experience under their belt even charge for trial HMU.

It’s a good thing that we attended the Perfect Beginnings Year 6 Bridal Expo last June 13-14 at the World Trade Center because HMUAs present on the fair offered free trial hair and make-up, whether they are neophyte, well-known or those who consider themselves as the “make-up artist to the star”.

I myself tried two HMUAs on the two-day event. Last Saturday, I was lured by one of the representatives of Orange Blush Salon to try their HMU for free. Besides that they are insisted, I also wanted to experience the process. The stylist answered my questions about make-ups and their company while she’s doing her job. She called it “prettify”. Fine. Their services start at P3,000.00 (using low-end imported make-up brands) to P12,000.00 (using high-end well known make-up brands and air brush) for Bride + 2 package. H2b took a couple of pictures of me wearing their make-up to see how it will come up on the pictures. Unfortunately, H2b and I did not like the outcome. I requested to have a very natural look but she put gold eye shadow and a lot of shimmer. It’s a bummer because the stylist was very nice and friendly.

On the second day, we found Shiseido booth. They offered great packages for reasonable prices so I was happy when they offered me to have a trial make-up session with them for free. They only use Shiseido products so I knew then and there that I was going to be in good hands. Ms. Jessica, my HMUA, knows what she’s doing and she’s very passionate with her craft. Here’s the thing, our wedding day IS her birthday!

I know how pictures paint a thousand words so I am sharing my before and after look to see for yourself.

True enough, experience AND quality does matter. =D

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  1. sis, ganda ng make up mo. congrata! :)

  2. i heart your make up sis!

  3. eyz, ikaw ba yan?

  4. hello mga sis! thanks for your comments. yes, that's me after the trial. =D

    - eyz



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