Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Meet our BABY

Dear Online Diary,

Yes, H2B and I have our own baby but it’s not what you think it is. I know someone may be disappointed to know that the baby I’m referring to is our pet.

Our baby’s name is Tobhy, a cross breed of spitz and shi tzu. He’s a gift from H2B on Valentine’s Day. When I read the card that was attached around his neck, I just knew the perfect name for him is “To-Bhy*” and nothing else. Besides it’s the name of the actor who played the character of the first movie date we had.


{Oww... did I say he's cute?...}

He is amazingly playful, which works for me as he somehow relieves my stress. He is sweet – he knows who his master is and he likes to drink mountain dew (yes it’s the famous brand of soda with the crazy TV advertisement).

What about Tobhy?

I’ve been reading a lot of real weddings online where in couples incorporated their pets on their wedding to make it more meaningful and personal. An example worth mentioning is a couple abroad made their Labrador pet as the ring bearer. Too bold, isn’t it? Here’s another inspiring articles about incorporating our lovable pets on our wedding.

Reading this article gave me an idea. I was just thinking, maybe – just maybe – we can make Tobhy our ring bearer or he can be part of the entourage. I shared this to h2b and he jokingly suggested that he can be his Best Man. I wonder how are we going to present him because he’s not exactly a human being, isn’t he? BEST DOG? Hehe. Pardon us but we’re just thinking about it. I can assure you that we’re not going crazy. It’s just us having fun especially now that our ticker wedding countdown shows that it’s a little more than 15 months before we exchange “I dos”. =D

* Our term of endearment

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