Friday, January 8, 2010

Prep Break: Our Take on Ilocos Food and a Beautiful Church

Dear Online Diary,

This is my third and last post about our Ilocandia vacation. =)

Anyway, before we went to Vigan, we scheduled a prenuptial shoot (supposedly in Baguio) but sad to say, we encountered an issue with the photographer. Although it’s a little disappointing, we were grateful to have another shot at rediscovering the province.

We succeeded in finding the historical Bantay Church, a beautiful and well-maintained church in the town of Bantay, Ilocos Sur.

{The archway where we can see a glimpse of the church and the tower}

{the beautiful facade of the church}

{the breath-taking bell tower. the tour guide said that it used to be a lighthouse a hundred years ago}

{another shot of it's beauty}

{ala prenup shoot: souvenir picture taken by the tour guide}

H2B and his family introduced me to a few Ilocano specialties:

{Ilocos' ultimate pasalubong favorites (clockwise from left, 2nd row): empanada, bagnet, bibingka, longanisa and chichacorn}

{Only in Ilocos: batcho, pupulo, dinengdeng}

{some of the home made food served during the New Year celebration: grilled liempo, ensalada, grilled milkfish stuffed with tomato, onion and pepper, chicken inasal, sopas, and fruits for good luck}

Our vacation wouldn't be as enjoyable as it was without the care and loving guidance of H2B's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reynaldo Agcaoili. Thank you very much for taking care of us. Most especially by letting me feel like I do belong in your family. Salamat po =)

{Our kind-hearted hosts: Tito Papang and Tita Mamang (H2B's parents and yes, my future parents-in-law)}

That's it. I hope that you learned something from our experience. With only nine months before our big day, I'm raging to continue our wedding preparation. Happy New Year to each and everyone of us and God Bless us more!

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  1. Ay, ilocano gayam ni lakay mo. :-D I've never been to Ilocos, but I've always wanted to visit that place someday and see all the beautiful old Philippine architecture, etc. And wow, I super love grilled milkfish with tomatoes inside it!



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