Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Irene and Nestor: Wedding Cord and Unity Candle Set

Like so many, Ms. Irene is a hands-on bride planning her wedding from abroad. She booked most of their wedding suppliers online, including Project Dream Wedding. She wants a simple yet elegant cord and candle set. I like that she knows what she want for her wedding (owing to the fact that she enumerate the specific trinkets and design:)). The good news is that she’s happy with what we were able to produce. Yey for that! Here are some of the photos:

{Adding the couple's initials to further personalize the cord is one of the unique qualities of Project Dream Wedding wedding cords. For the record, we're one of the first people who did this (see also, my DIY wedding cord). :)}

{This is the customized wedding cord for Ms. Irene and Nestor. It's made of crystal beads, silver trinkets and accentuated with violet hearts and jade white rose over a silver heart centerpiece.}

{Ms. Irene chose to accentuate their unity candle with their e-session photo, a great way to remember this special event even after the wedding. Their violet and gray wedding colors are evident on their candle set.}
{Offertory candle set designed base on the couple's wedding motif.}
{Tapers and matches, part of the unity candle set being offered by Project Dream Wedding.}
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It's our first wedding anniversary on 10/23/11. Yey! Hubby and I will be on a little trip out of town to celebrate. In this regard, Project Dream Wedding is going to be offline from 10/20/11 to 10/24/11. Cheers to beautiful weddings, couples in love and marriage!!!

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