Sunday, September 25, 2011

Blanch & Jayfelson’s Bride and Groom Matching Rosary Set

As part of our culture, it is customary for the brides to hold a rosary during their wedding ceremony. It is a lovely way of honoring the holy mother of God. However, the grooms are not an exemption. They should have a rosary, too, yes? This is the main reason why we created our newest product – the bride and groom matching rosaries. Here’s the one I created for Ms. Blanch and Jayfelson, who will exchange “I Do’s” later today.

{Bride and Groom Matching Rosary Set for Blanch and Jayfelson}

Each handmade rosary is made of high quality semi-precious stones customized to match your wedding theme and motif. But what makes each rosary special is that it has the groom’s initials and the bride’s new initials, respectively. This is a great way to remember their wedding day by AND to guide their married life together.


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