Thursday, May 28, 2009

Prep Props: Plan Your Dream Wedding Video

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Planning a wedding should be a walk in the park especially now that there are many wedding resources available such as, but not limited to, online websites, virtual wedding sisterhood, bridal fairs, wedding magazines and videos.

Speaking of which, I’m currently hooked with Plan Your Dream Wedding video hosted by Tintin Bersola, now married to Julius Babao, two of the country’s public service and entertainment personalities. The video is produced by Viva Video.

{Plan Your Dream Wedding DVD hosted by Tintin Bersola}

The video promises to turn B2B’s wedding day into a real honeymoon. It features an interview done by Tintin with well-known wedding coordinators in the country, bridal gown designers, caterers, wedding seminar facilitators and other wedding suppliers. It also features some of the clips taken from Tintin and Julius’ wedding as well as Tintin’s personal clearbook, which aided her in going through the thousand and one details, last minute changes and mountains of worries before that long walk down the aisle.

As I am on the early stage of our wedding preparation, I cannot say that it's going to be smooth after watching the video but it helped me anticipate the issues that may come our way during the wedding preps and how to handle it.

Tintin says, “Planning my dream wedding was one of the most important and biggest task in my life.” I couldn’t agree more. =)

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