Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Venue Ocular Adventure

Dear Online Diary,

We’ve been on the look out for a good venue. Our requirements are:

1. It has to have enough space to accommodate our guests and wedding paraphernalia.

2. It should be near the Bamboo Organ Church where the wedding ceremony will be held.

3. Affordable.

We had the chance to schedule an ocular to three of the event venues within Las Pinas. I decided not to disclose the names of the place for personal reasons.

Venue #1
Pros: The place has a well-kept landscape which is going to be good for picture taking before, during and after the wedding. It is within the mansion of a wealthy family, spacious and has a good ambiance. It’s best for garden, Victorian and Grecian wedding theme.
Cons: I have to mention that the place is very well maintained except that the washroom on that day where not pretty to both eyes and nose. It’s within a village so it’s not very accessible and there is no ample parking space.
Power peso: P20,000.00 for 5 hours (venue only)

Venue #2:
Pros: It’s a spacious hall located inside an academy. If we want to get the most convenient place for the guests, this should be our best bet. The guests do not have to commute after the church ceremony as it is within the vicinity of the church. The place is so simple so you can do anything to follow your wedding theme.
Cons: It has so many restrictions and additional charges. =(
Power peso: P12,000.00 for 3 hours (venue only)

Venue #3:
Pros: It’s a pretty new place to organize a wedding or any party of some sort. It’s not too far from the church and its really affordable.
Cons: As it’s situated within the boundary of Las Pinas and Cavite in Coastal Road, going to the place may be inconvenient for the guests. The noise coming from the vehicles is unbelievable. There is no air conditioning and it is not spacious enough, even when the manager claims it’s enough for 150 people. Unfortunately, it is not as photogenic as I hope it would be.
Power peso: P5,000.00 for 3 hours (venue only)

As of the writing, we have yet to settle the final decision and we're planning to visit more venues that may satisfy our requirements.

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