Saturday, October 10, 2009

Is It Really Goodbye?!

Dear Online Diary,

I was working on our wedding checklist when I received a bad news about SJA Hall on the w@w e-group. A co-w@wie announced that she got a call from the parish secretary that they had to cancel their SJA hall reservation. I was in complete shock because—first, she has no choice but to cancel the reservation, second, she has no venue and lastly, her wedding is just a few months away.

Flabbergasted, I soon find myself dialing the phone number of the parish secretary, Ms. Miles. Sad to say, it’s true. According to her, Monsignor Albert, the parish priest, said that they would need to cancel all reservations made and not to accept any more reservations for 2010 events. This is mainly due to the planned construction of the buildings beside the hall. She added that the construction will start on January 2010 and as of today, has no estimated end day. This only means that we cannot reserve the venue for our own wedding. Sigh.

I called H2B to deliver the news and he, too, was shocked. He proposed to search for another venue but I just couldn’t let it go. I’m in love with the hall and the idea that all the guests need to do after the church ceremony is to leisurely walk and find their way to the hall for the reception program.

I can only hope that I can brush the sadness off. I wish the bridal fair this weekend would help. How I wish.

Am I ready to bid SJA Hall goodbye? Here's what we may miss...

{SJA Hall: Beautiful and Dressed-up. Photo courtesy of W@Wie sis Bhey}

... and for the record, no. I'm not ready. I'll pray hard and I know that God will do the rest.


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