Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trial Make-up: Paul & Joe

Dear Online Diary,

It’s sharing time once again. I had my third trial make-up session with Ms. Cathy, one of the make-up artists of Paul & Joe, during the Crowne Plaza Bridal Show. You’ve read how H2B and I enjoyed the event – what with the overflowing cocktail drinks and food as well as the stress-free transactions from the exhibitors.

Paul & Joe has a great line of organic make-up and impressive list of patrons such as Lucy Torres, Heart Evangelista and Sam Milby to name a few. These personalities aren’t their endorsers but they are frequent consumers of their products.

Ms. Cathy was bubbly and she’s a joy to work with. She’s from Las Pinas, which is our common denominator. She shared that she’s just started in the business and she’ll do her friend’s make-up and styling on her wedding, where in, she’s also a bridesmaid.

What about the make-up and her work?

Hmm... I'll answer that later. First, let's take a look at their set-up.

{Paul & Joe booth = Mall set-up}

{They do not have a make-up box}

Well… I can’t say anything about it beside that we didn’t like it. I can’t remember if I asked her that I like my make-up to be natural and if she can redefine my eyes because I like it to popped.

During the session, it so happened that an exhibitor was scheduled to present on the stage. It’s understandable that they need to dim the lights. Paul & Joe didn’t bring their own make-up light and equipment. That may be one of the reasons why, for us, it’s a bit tragic. Sorry but it’s just too thick and I never liked a red cheek. To make my point, here's the after trial shot:

{This is me with Ms. Cathy of Paul & Joe}

It's a good thing that the trial was free. I would have not paid for it because I was not satisfied with the result. Imagine my horror when I saw my face on a quick trip to the loo. A few dab of tissues fixed the problem (Well, yeah. Maybe more than what's needed actually).

Nevertheless, I still believe that Ms. Cathy has a bright future in this industry. Some of the best HMUAs took 5-7 years of training before they were recognized. So for you, Ms. Cathy, don’t dwell with what you know right now and continue to learn. Good luck!

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