Monday, October 19, 2009

Nice-To-Have: Papal Blessing

Dear Online Diary,

I first heard about Papal Blessing from my w@wie sisses. Papal Blessing ("Benediction Papalis") is a privilege in a form of a certificate given to Catholics for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, ordinations, religious profession, first communions, confirmations or anniversaries. It is a hand-painted parchment with papal seal and signature bearing the person’s name. As the certificate will be coming straight from Vatican, the blessing itself is invisible to the eye but the certificate is a beautiful keepsake and reminder of it.

{Papal Blessing: photo courtesy of w@wie sis Gen}

Let’s not forget, though, that any baptized Catholic can receive the blessing but it will not be given to non-Catholics, to the dead, inanimated objects and to animals. It will not be issued to those wanting them on the occasions of birth (simply because until we are baptized, we are not Catholic), death or anniversaries of death and for past events.

For us not lucky enough to be able to meet the Pope, it is such a welcoming treat that it is still possible for us to receive a beautiful papal blessing certificate for ourselves on the occasion of our wedding. =)

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  1. hi sis,

    how can we get the Papal Blessing Cert?

  2. Hi there sis,

    The certificate will be coming from Vatican. As far as I can remember, a W@Wie who is now based in Rome can order it for you... I'll get back on you re this. Will have to double check the name of the W@Wie and her contact info :))

  3. hi there! would like to know how can we get the papal blessing certificate... thanks! :)

  4. hi! could you please help me get my papal blessing certificate. kindly email me the details. thanks!



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