Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Birdcage Veil from PrincessWeds

Dear Online Diary,

PrincessWeds offers an array of customized hand-made accessories that would let every bride's personal style transpire on her wedding day. They have loads of elegant products such as wedding cord, Bible with beaded cover, arrhae case, hand-made wedding souvenirs, hair vine, tiara and tokens for the principal sponsors.

Last month, PrincessWeds conducted a contest for W@Wies. It is pretty simple. All we had to do is to narrate how H2B proposed to us (B2Bs) and from all the entries, they are going to pick three W@Wies who will win a wedding cord, a birdcage veil and a hair vine.

Without hesitation, I entered the story (rather proudly) of how H2B popped the question on the occasion of my birthday. It was short and sweet but full of emotion and originality. To this day, I cannot believe that H2B can actually pull off such a romantic gesture. :)

{The screenshot of PrincessWeds' multiply site. Read the contest entries here including H2B's proposal}

Now here comes the great part. Just a couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Sis Che, a former W@Wie (hence, the contest is exclusively for W@Wies) and the brilliant brain behind PrincessWeds, informing me that they like the story of our proposal and that I’m one of the winners! Yey!

Soon enough (and after a handful of email messages), I received our prize, which was sent through Air21. It’s really pretty and adorable…

{The Birdcage Veil: Nice Packaging}

{The pretty birdcage veil from PrincessWeds}

Thank you, PrincessWeds, for sharing your God-given talent. You're an inspiration and more power! :)

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