Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wedding Library and White Lace & Promises

Dear Online Diary,

Did I mention H2B and I love to attend bridal fairs?

Attending bridal fairs is a must for couples who want to make their wedding preps memorable. There are so many things to learn while inside the fair as well as friendly faces to meet, not to mention, the chances of winning awesome prizes.

As if the prizes at stake at the fair weren’t enough, The Wedding Library sent an email survey to the registered brides who attended the Weddings & Debuts 2010 bridal fair. It was their way of thanking the brides who visited the fair as well as to get insights on how to mount an even successful event next year. As a token of gratitude, they gave away 28 White Lace and Promises by Agot Isidro Original Wedding Audio CDs, and 50 Honeymoon Sexy Underwear for the first 78 respondents (CD for the first 28 and sexy undies for the next 50) who completely answered the survey and sent it back.

It was such a lucky break. I received their email while browsing through my inbox, read it, answered the survey and in no time, sent it back to the appropriate email address. The same night, I received a confirmation email that I was one of the first 28 respondents. :)

So, just yesterday, I went to their SM Megamall branch to claim our prizes (the other prize is our trip to Mauritius -- click here for the full story). Here is it:

{Our Free White Lace & Promises Audio CDs: Album cover, two CDs, inserts (Agot's Thank Yous and the people behind the album), booklet (lyrics of the songs) and wedding discount coupons}

The Audio CD is packaged just like a wedding invitation would be. It’s very elegant and as a matter of fact, it gave me an idea on how to DIY our own invites. Awesome.

Thanks to The Wedding Library for being so generous. Please continue on inspiring and helping us, B2Bs, into staging our dream wedding. More power!

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  1. hi sis Eyzel,

    ang swerte mo naman. penge naman ng luck mo. :)



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