Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wedding Checklist: Caterer

Dear Online Diary,

Thank God. We have a caterer. Finally.

H2B and I met Miss Anj of Ma Del’s Catering a while ago (right after work, I must add) to block our wedding date and give the down payment. Since H2B wasn’t around during the first food tasting (read the story here), Miss Anj graciously brought some food samples for H2B to taste.

{Sumptuous Food Samples: Roast Beef with Mushroom Gravy, Fettuccine Italiana, Pork Royale with Honey Dip, and Chicken Flambe}

At the end, H2B and I decided to seal the deal. We handed the down payment, signed the papers and set the date for the contract signing. It was such a brief meeting since Miss Anj and myself have been exchanging text messages about the deal. We went home super happy as we found a very reliable caterer. As for the wedding checklist, Caterer = checked!

{Smile for the Camera: yours truly and Miss Anj of Ma Del's Cuisine}

Supplier's Information:

Ma Del's Cuisine, Catering and Food Services
Tel. #: 641 3423
Cel # 0916 780 2705
Email: madelscuisine@yahoo.com

Website: http://madelscuisine.multiply.com/

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